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Equine Stem Cell Therapy Holds Great Promise

Stem cell therapy for horses is a form of regenerative medicine, which is the field of veterinary medicine that involves creating living, functional tissues to repair or replace tissues or organs. This is an evolving field that holds great promise. Bone marrow was collected from this horse and sent to a commercial stem cell laboratory. At the laboratory, using cell culture techniques the stem cells are separated from other cells, and expanded to a greater number (in this case, 20 million stem cells). The stem cells are then injected under ultrasound guidance into the damaged area of the ligament. The goal is that the stem cells will help stimulate the repair of the ligament and the ligament will heal in a more normal state (i.e. less fibrosis and/or scar tissue).  Our veterinarians will be glad to discuss regenerative therapies, including stem cell, as possible treatments for your horse.

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