Malorie Kemmerer, LVT Of The Year, As Described By Her Colleagues

Blue Ridge Equine Clinic is very pleased to announce that our LVT, Malorie Kemmerer, was awarded the Virginia Technician of the Year award. Throughout her years of working at the hospital, she has become an example to all those who work alongside her. From her wealth of knowledge to her fiercely positive attitude and love for her patients, Malorie is one of those humans you just want to sit down and get to know. From those who work with her, it is a definite privilege and we are all so glad she is getting this recognition. This is how they describe her:

“Malorie is one who is consistent, whether it be as a veterinary technician or simply as a person. She is a driven, take no handout, and work-for-what-you-get type of person. She is compassionate, non-judgemental, and selfless.She is confident, yet modest. She is the type of woman moms and dads want their daughter to grow into; a truly all-American girl.”

“Malorie has served as a mentor to many, and she completely represents the attributes of a valued member of the veterinary team. She has a heart filled with love and hope for all living beings. Malorie comes in to work every day with a smile on her face; it is a rare day that she is not ready to jump into the work ahead. From identifying bacteria on culture gram stains to running anesthesia to pouring through inventory numbers on the computer, Malorie is a great technician who is proficient in all aspects of the job; including more “behind the scenes” tasks than one can list. She has a heart of gold and simply sees good in the world.”

“Malorie has amazing patient side manner, animals and people alike are drawn to her. She can easily communicate and explain procedures with clients and co-workers. She can repair just about any piece of equipment and is always available to help out a co-worker. Anyone that comes in contact with her, sees her in her element, and sees how gentle she can be with her patients is a lucky person.”

“Malorie has been an exemplary mentor for interns, veterinary students, and technicians and student technicians. She is very approachable, and explains things in a way that is easy for everyone to understand. She has received numerous compliments from those that she works with and has a personality that unites rather than divides. She remains calm in crisis situations and has an innate ability to neutralize challenging and or difficult situations. She does this all in a very humble manner and not in a way that is self-promoting. She is one of the few people that actually raises the work level of the people around her. Because of that, many look up to her as a leader and everyone enjoys working with her. She is a team builder. Her motivation in pure and simple, selfless, she does what is best for the horse and for the practice.”

“I feel incredibly privileged to work with Malorie as a technician. She is hard-working and devoted to her patients, and she has taught me a lot from her years of experience. Furthermore, she is not only a great technician but a wonderful person, whose kind-hearted, upbeat, and conscientious attitude shows through in all that she does. She works hard for the clinic and horses without ever asking for recognition.”

“Malorie was a great resource and friend during the first few months of my internship. She helped to make the transition from a student to an intern as easy as possible and was always available for questions night and day. This can be a very stressful shift as we begin our veterinary career. Blue Ridge Equine has some of the best technicians I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with and Malorie is absolutely incredible. Her compassion for her patients is unparalleled and she demands nothing but the best work from everyone. If we, as doctors, face a problem with a patient or treatment plan she is always thinking of good alternatives to give the horse the best care. And lastly, her infinite patience and kindness is something I will never forget. Thank you Malorie for your unconditional love for veterinary medicine and your patients.”

“Although Malorie will honestly try to convince you that she’s “not a teacher” there is no one I have learned more from in my short career. From her example, I have learned the true meaning of professionalism and hard work. She holds herself to a high standard so that every client, horse, and doctor gets her full attention, devotion, and compassion. In a career where burnout and compassion fatigue are daily challenges, Malorie never fails to be optimistic. She navigates the extreme lows of this profession with honesty and humanity. Her quiet support is a constant pillar of strength, in both the high points and low, inspiring everyone to keep going.”