Equine Pharmacy

What’s The Truth About Equine Medications?

Pharmaceuticals vs. Medical Devices: 

There have been many recent questions regarding some “new drugs” used to treat joint disease in the horse such as Chondroprotec, Polyglcan and PentAussie. Many of these products are not drugs or pharmaceuticals but are brought to the market place as veterinary devices. Veterinary devices are often perceived, or appear to be, similar to pharmaceuticals. Veterinary devices are typically labeled for indications such as cryopreservation, topical wound treatment, prevention of adhesions, joint lavage, and similar indications. Pharmaceuticals are under regulation of Federal Drug Administration (FDA) for approval of both efficacy and safety. Veterinary devices have not been evaluated to determine their suitability, safety or efficacy as a pharmaceutical. Furthermore, as licensed veterinarians, liability insurance typically will only cover drugs and veterinary devices when used as they are labeled NOT when they are used off or extralabel. We encourage you to talk to yor veterianrian before using veterinary devices off label to ensure that the potential for benefits out weigh the increased risk of using veteriary devices off label.

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