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Equine Shockwave: What Is It & What Does It Do?

Extracorporeal shockwave therapy, or shockwave, is a non-invasive technique using sound waves to stimulate healing in wounds, ligaments, tendons, and bony structures.  It is thought to increase blood flow circulation and growth of blood vessels to the treated area.  By doing this, natural healing factors are then able to get to the affected area and […]

Equine Placentitis

Placentitis is an infection of the mare’s placenta, usually occurring within the last 3-4 months of gestation. It can be an extremely devastating condition for the owner both emotionally and economically, as it can be a difficult condition to treat and still may end with a nonviable fetus. The earlier this condition is identified, the […]

Diagnosing Lameness In Horses: New Tool For Blue Ridge Equine Clinic

Blue Ridge Equine Clinic is excited to announce that it has recently purchased a new piece of equipment that can help us more accurately diagnose subtle lameness and performance problems. The Lameness Locator is a handheld computer system that helps veterinarians objectively identify lameness using noninvasive inertial sensors.  Motion sensors are placed on the horse’s […]

Foaling Season Is Almost Here!

Foaling season is right around the corner. Some of us have already seen our first 2014 foal.  Please remember to take your mares off fescue in their third trimester and also to get their prefoaling shots done 1 month before foaling. Also, mares that have been caslicked will need to opened up several weeks before […]