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Considering Vaccinating Your Horse Yourself?

WHOA! Consider these issues before you do your own vaccinations! The benefits of having a veterinarian perform your horse’s vaccinations are numerous! Here are just a few: 1. Creates a Valid Veterinary-client-patient-relationship. This means you have an agreement with your veterinarian who knows you and your horse, allowing them to treat, advise and dispense medications […]

Is My Horse Choking?

Choke is a common term for esophageal obstruction. The esophagus is the tube that runs from the throat to the stomach. If a horse does not chew and soften their food properly, food can become lodged in this tube, causing a blockage. This disorder is called “choke”, as the horse can look as if they […]

Extreme Weather Tips!

Continue turnout unless it is very icy. In deep snow, older horses or horses with lameness or neurologic issues may need to be kept in, or have limited turnout. -Try to provide a water source that is warmed and convenient for them to reach. If not   warmed, REMOVE ice from troughs and buckets at […]

Muzzle Management For Your Horse

Muzzles are very helpful in keeping ponies and horses at a healthy weight. Please make sure you are using them safely! * Always use muzzles with some type of safety release in case the muzzle gets caught. Use a muzzle with a quick release built in or attach the muzzle to a leather halter or […]

Summer Horse Care Reminders

* Make sure your horse has access to plenty of clean water. You should check troughs and streams daily. Salt blocks should also be available at all times. * Horses in work should have electrolytes added to their feed daily. Use the type without sugar (sucrose/dextrose). * Ride during the coolest part of the day […]