Client Thanks BREC Team

Pam bought her horse, Swan’s Honor, at Elysian Hills in Marshall, Virginia, as a four year old. The pair learned, competed and foxhunted together and Pam believed he was her horse of a lifetime. When Honor became acutely ill, of course Pam was terribly worried. Last week, we received this lovely note from her:

“One year ago, Dr. Trostle did colic surgery on Honor.  His recovery wasn’t completely smooth as he relapsed back into reflux mode after we thought he was in the clear.   Dr. Trostle thought there was a good chance Honor would recover completely and I’m very happy to report he has!!   This pic is Honor and I competing at the ODH hunter pace this last weekend.  Thanks so much for your wonderful care.”

Pam DiCioccio

Stories like these are why we do what we do at Blue Ridge Equine Clinic. We appreciate Pam updating us, and wish she and Honor many happy years together.