Many people go away in the summer. Please take the time to prepare your horse sitter. Your sitter should be willing and able to care for your horses in your absence.

Ideally, your sitter should check on the horses in the morning and evening. Before you leave, have your sitter come over during a feeding time to go through your routine.

As accidents and illnesses can occur any time, do not leave your horse sitter without directions in case of an emergency: “In Case of Emergency” form that should stay with your horse. Discuss with them your wishes in the case of colic and injuries that require hospitalization and surgery. Tell them how much you are willing to spend. Arrange for transportation or allow the sitter to use your trailer. Make sure they have your horse’s insurance information.

If you are going to be away for a long time or will be completely out of touch, it is a good idea to use two horse sitters in case one of them becomes unavailable.