Muzzle Management For Your Horse

Muzzles are very helpful in keeping ponies and horses at a healthy weight. Please make sure you are using them safely!

* Always use muzzles with some type of safety release in case the muzzle gets caught. Use a muzzle with a quick release built in or attach the muzzle to a leather halter or one with a leather headstall.

* Train your horse gradually to the muzzle. Make sure they will and can drink with it on before leaving it on for 12 hours.

* Check for rubs daily and pad as necessary.

* In hot weather (over 85 degrees), remove the muzzle during the day. Put your horse in a stall of sacrifice paddock if needed for weight control. Horses can have heat stroke when left in their muzzles during hot weather.

* Wash the muzzle weekly in soapy water.

* Replace your muzzle as needed. The hole at the bottom can become quite large with use, allowing your horse or pony to overeat even with the muzzle on.