Lower Leg Bandage How To

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Hospital and Visitation Policies

HOSPITAL AND VISITATION POLICIES Welcome to Blue Ridge Equine Clinic. We are excited to provide you and your horse excellent and compassionate care. We realize that having to admit your horse for treatment can be hard. The following guidelines will help you navigate this process.   Visiting hours: With permission from your case veterinarian: Weekdays: […]

Prepare for Winter Weather!

How to Take Care of Your Pregnant Mare

Experienced or new to the whole idea of taking care of a pregnant mare, Blue Ridge Equine Clinic is here to help. Your mare is pregnant…. Now what? While this is exciting, your mind might be racing with questions and concerns. Relax. We want you to be prepared and looking forward to the birth of […]

Equine Anaplasmosis

  Equine anaplasmosis (also known as Equine Granulocytic Erlichiosis) is a tick-borne disease caused by the bacterium Anaplasma phagocytophila (formerly known as Erlichia equi), also the cause of human granulocytic erlichiosis (HGE). It was first described in horses in California in the 1960’s, but has since been reported in multiple states of the USA and […]

deworm protocol

BREC Deworming Protocol

Feed room

What is grain overload?

Are you ready for your next show?

As things slowly start to open back up, we want to make sure you are fully prepared and equipped to get on the road again! We followed https://horserookie.com/packing-horse-trailering-checklist/ and put together a printer-friendly checklist for you to have. Click the link below!        Show checklist printable PDF              […]

What should you know about Dormosedan Gel?

What is Dormosedan Gel? Dormosedan or “dorm gel” is an oral sedative that is administered under your horse’s tongue as it is not meant to be swallowed by the horse. The gel should not be used in addition to any other sedatives. How long will it last? The gel needs about 40 minutes to take […]