Summer Horse Care Reminders

* Make sure your horse has access to plenty of clean water. You should check troughs and streams daily. Salt blocks should also be available at all times.

* Horses in work should have electrolytes added to their feed daily. Use the type without sugar (sucrose/dextrose).

* Ride during the coolest part of the day if possible.

* Fly control: Use fly spray, fly masks, fans, remove and compost manure, and cover wet/muddy areas with blue stone.

* Make sure your horse is sweating properly.

“* Thunder storms: Do not run out to bring your horses in during a storm. This is not safe for you or for them. If you know storms are on the way and you have time, bring them in. They are safer in the barn.

* Sun burn: Apply sunscreen to the noses of horses with white or flesh colored markings to prevent sunburn. Zinc oxide products seem to work the best.

* Potomac Horse Fever prevention: Turn off outside lights, including arena lights at night. The light attracts mayflies and similar insects that are proven to carry and infect horses with the PHF organism. Now is also the time to vaccinate for PHF if indicated.

* Foot problems: Horses may develop foot issues due to stomping flies and hard ground. Work with your farrier and keep horses in during the stomping hours”.

* Treat cuts and scraps promptly to prevent infection.

* Body clip horses that have not shed out properly due to Cushings/PPID. Some may need to be clipped several times during the summer.