THANKS to all of you who kept me and my horse Joe ( I’m Cotton-Eyed Joe) in your thoughts and prayers after his recent colic. Joe received EXCELLENT care and life-saving surgery from Blue Ridge Equine and Dr. Trostle.  I am grateful for the experience of Dr. Trostle, the interns, the great care and frequent communication.

Thank you so much for your excellent care and compassion shown to Zack and me during our visits to the clinic over the past few months. He is such a sensitive guy, and I love him so much – you made a scary and difficult time so much easier to bear. I always know my animals are safe in your hands! I hope you all know how grateful I am.

A heartfelt thank you for the tremendous work your team performed on Sprout and Lulu. The past 2 weeks have been an education for me on the vast medical resources available at BREC. I truly realized the extent and depth of veterinary talents within your organization. I feel totally blessed knowing you are there for me and my equines.

Thank you, Anne, Dr. Hecking, Dr. Moore, and Courtney for being so helpful through this whole journey, and for being respectful and compassionate to the end. I would recommend you all highly to anyone who is in need of a professional and caring veterinary clinic.

Thank you so much, Anne, for your speedy reply and your consideration for giving me a little education in the process. This, along with the wonderful Dr. Hecking is the reason I want to be your customer! You all have a wonderful day.

Just thought you might like to see pictures of Willie and me checking out the ACTHA trail at the Horse Center. Willie and I are also back to taking dressage lessons, and hope to enter Dressage With a View at the Horse Center on June 30th! Just Intro A and B, but not too shabby for all he has been through. None of this would be possible without all of your hard work, expert care and belief in us. Thank you so much!

I just want to thank you guys for all the great care and excellent service that you gave me and Phoenix. You guys always came whenever we needed you. It didn’t matter if it was on the weekend or late at night. You always came. You were also very caring – sending emails or making calls just to check on how things were going.

I just wanted to give you a big thank you from Whiskey and I! At first, I wasn’t too sure the procedure would be successful, but Whiskey is much better than what he was a month ago! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you helping him with his pain. I adore him dearly and hope that we will have many happy years together thanks to you and your staff!!

Jewel is doing well so thanks to all at Blue Ridge for taking such good care of her! My trainer and the wonderful people who keep Jewel said that when they arrived at your clinic with Jewel last week, they felt like they were bringing in the President!!!  You all were so on the ball and took charge so quickly!

Thank you very much for the excellent care the BREC staff provided.  Please pass along my thanks to Dr. Trostle and most especially the LVTs and staff who took care of Baby Hope!

Many thanks to Blue Ridge Equine Clinic (especially Dr. Julia Hecking) for all its help and encouragement  in getting this young horse to the ring and being successful in his yearling year.

Thanks for all you guys do, we are forever grateful!

My daughter’s entire world is wrapped around George and everyone there treated him with as much love and TLC as if he was their own. Dr. Stephens and his entire crew were wonderful to us. He was always available to answer questions and offer support and on the days we couldn’t be there we would get photos and cute messages from Jaime. As much I don’t want to ever be in the situation of needing to come back, I would love to be able to see the crew again! Great people you have there in Charlottesville!

It’s a stroke of good fortune for Reno and us to have you (Dr. Moore) and Dr. Hecking for his veterinarian and we are all most appreciative indeed!

I want everyone at BREC to know that Tabby is THE best vet you could possibly have. Not only does she take wonderful care of my beloved horses and truly cares about them and is so extremely competent. I know she spent far more time with my gang than she had intended but that did not deter her one bit to stay with me to make sure all was well. AND she works so hard. You all probably don’t remember that when I first arrived in Va. Jargy was definitely not himself. Two vets told me to put him to pasture he was old. Finally I got ahold of and Tabby who recognized that it was EPM and we started him on medication right away. She saved Jargy’s life. I can tell you all I wouldn’t have another vet ever.

Especially thank Dr. Hecking for being so gentle with Kenny and us. We buried him high on the hill overlooking the barn and pasture he loved so much. We do miss him, but could not keep him comfortable, so there was no other choice. You guys helped to make our journey easier, and we thank you.

Please pass on to Dr. Stephens, Dr. Trostle, Dr. Simon and Dr. Fouse that Alzine was peacefully laid to rest on Sunday afternoon in the field behind the barn that she was born in. Please let all of them know how much I appreciate their utmost efforts and care of her during her stay there. Your organization is truly extraordinary. Even though the outcome was not what we had hoped, I would not have done anything different. I needed to know that everything possible was done to save her, and the professionalism and knowledge of the team at BREC helped me come to the ultimate conclusion that letting her go was the best thing for her. Many tears were shed when we came to pick her up on Sunday, and I truly appreciated the empathy felt by Dr. Trostle, Susie, and Dr. Simon.

Words can’t express how grateful I am to all of BREC’s vets & staff for taking such good care of me & my horses over the years. Their prompt & accurate diagnosis isn’t always what I want to hear (3 injured or sick horses in 3 years, go figure), but they always have a plan to get us through it & excellent treats (candy, cookies, etc.) to help me manage my anxiety. Thanks everyone! I really wish all vets were as accurate at seeing what I feel or notice about my horses – even when my horses don’t present 3-legged lame. Besides excellent past experiences at BREC, Dr. Cowles was a long distance participant in DD’s NC prepurchase exam, so it was a bonus to have them finally meet in person! Please don’t let Dr. Cowles retire – ever!

I will always choose Blue Ridge, Dr. Cowles and Dr. Trostle. What a great clinic. The staff and vets are wonderful.

And a huge Thank You to the entire staff for all that you do to help owners provide the best care available to our equine friends. Special thanks to Jean who is always calm and efficient no matter how ‘un-calm’ I might be when a situation seems overwhelming. And a huge Merry Christmas greeting to Dr. Dagner. You continue to take the time to educate, encourage and care about the horses after all these years. I couldn’t ask for more! You guys are THE BEST!

A great big THANK YOU for all you have done for us. Your service is always extended with ongoing kindness and compassion. We are forever grateful.

Thank you for your care of all of our horses (and other critters!). It means so much to us that you care about them as much as we do! They are all special – and the compassion and tenderness you showed for Kitzia made something that is so difficult much easier to handle. Thank you so much for taking such good care of everyone for us!

Also had a great experience last time. I would not change a thing.

I cannot think of anything that you need to do to improve…everyone was wonderful! Although I came to you with a heavy heart, you quickly reassured me that this was a situation that you could handle and I was impressed through every step of the surgery and recovery process with your professionalism and kindness. Thank you from me, my daughter, and Gabe!

I have been a client of Blue Ridge for close to 25 years and have always been very satisfied with the care and service I have received. I appreciate your consistent attention to offering the latest diagnostic techniques and equipment yet the friendly staff remains largely the same and attentive. Changing yet the same. Thank you for years of excellent care for a long list of Johnson horses!

Due to a scheduling mix-up, the stem cell treatment for my horse was due to arrive at BREC before we’d had a chance to schedule an appointment for it to be injected. When I was unable to haul my horse from Hanover to Earlysville that day, Dr. Trostle (who had just returned from an out of town conference the night before and who was in the midst of BREC’s once a month MRI day) came to us (approximately an hour and a half away) to take care of the procedure. Dr. Trostle and BREC really saved the day by providing above and beyond customer service!

Everyone was extremely nice and helpful. Logan enjoyed his stay.

I cannot think of a thing (to improve). I was very apprehensive re: my horse’s condition and outcome. Everyone understood and did everything possible to accomodate me to ensure a positive outcome and minimize my concern for my horse. It was a great experience…

Thank you so much for hosting the dinner and informative seminar last night. I really enjoyed the time learning cutting edge information and getting to spend time visiting with fellow horse people.  It makes me very appreciative of all the knowledge you have made available to us.  It is very comforting to know you all are here and ready to help when we need you.

I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much we appreciate all that you for our babies and for us! Your love and concern for the horses is so apparent, and whatever the circumstances, I always know they’re in good hands. Thank you more than you know!

Everyone at Blue Ridge was so kind on top of being so professional. So, thank you for your efforts.  I know that everyone did everything possible to save him.

Please pass my sincere thanks along.  The staff was wonderful and made a very difficult time bearable. Dr.  Trostle did a really good job giving me the data points to make decisions.  And Dr. Phillips was absolutely wonderful in dealing with all my daily questions and concerns. Please pass my thanks along to everyone.

J.T. and I wanted to thank you again for your time and expertise yesterday.  We were so impressed with how you worked with Sunny and how you were able to deliver sad news in such a gentle way.  I am also thankful that your clinic has the capability to make this type of diagnostics mobile because I would have hated to transport him in his weakened condition. The Valley is so fortunate to have your clinic available.

Last year, just about this time, you treated Farrari for enteritis and gastric ulcers.  Successfully.  I wanted to let you know that he came through this year’s show season beautifully, using the Gastrogard and Smart Gut Ultra protocol.  He will continue on the pellets until the end of October so fingers crossed that he will remain stable once those are discontinued.  He loves his hay net, the more often the better.  And second best, after good health, the earned himself a Top Ten at the Arabian Sport Horse Nationals out of 30 horses!

Many thanks to Blue Ridge for the care during our mare’s pregnancy and after foaling check up….everything went so smoothly!

Thanks so much to Dr. Santos. He did a excellent job with my baby girl Penny today. The staff here is passionate and very professional. They give good detail as to whats going on and how the issue can be treated. Im so thankful for the Doctors and staff at the facility.

We had to bring our OTTB Dargan to BREC on a Sunday afternoon on an emergency colic issue. Upon arrival the BREC team was fully prepared to make an assessment. It was great to be involved in the process from arrival, as this was our first time dealing with this type of situation. Dr. Santos and his team were fantastic to work with from the start. He was calm, thorough and explained what was happening as he and his team assessed the critical situation as it unfolded right in front of us.

Dargan needed to have surgery that was a colon impaction. Dr. Santos was hands on and was there for us throughout the entire process to include following up regularly after spending five days in the hospital. His bedside manner was excellent for the horse and for us and our 14-year-old daughter who wants to be an equine vet herself. He answered all of her questions and continues to be involved in every step of the process.

Dr. Santos has amazing patience, understanding and explained everything to our daughter in detail letting her be involved in caring for her horse, which has made a huge difference! He has made such a great impression on a young girl and helped make a bad situation a positive learning experience for her and us.

Dr. Gould who will be missed greatly, kept us informed throughout Dargan’s recovery. She was thoughtful and kind and called often as we requested to keep us informed of his progress.

We are VERY fortunate to have BREC so close to us in Virginia. We just wanted to say “THANK YOU” to Dr. Santos for all that you have done for us. We are thrilled to have such an amazing, caring and thoughtful vet come to Virginia and be a part of BREC.

Thank you BREC and all your staff!

Thank you) for saving Smoochie (thanks Dr. Santos!), caring for him over Christmas (thanks Dr. Kaplan!), being so kind to him (thanks Ethnie!), and putting up with me and Julie (thanks Dana and Alice!).

I know that others were involved, so thank you all very much. Smoochie is already acting more like mischievous (and very loveable and affectionate) boy he is.

Not every day since we’ve had him — but nearly every day – he seems to give a look right in the eyes of gratefulness that he has a home. He’s looked very grateful ever since coming back from BREC. He seems to understand that something very serious happened, which may account for how relatively well-behaved he’s been so far since being home.

Upon Smoochie’s getting back home, former BREC patient Earl stood outside Smoochie’s stall for an hour. Then I remembered how Smoochie would stand outside Earl’s stall after his surgery, so I think Earl was paying him back for the companionship.

So, thank you all!

I am truly appreciative to all that Dr. Moore and everyone at BREC has done to get him healthy and make him a star! He is having a tremendous show season this year.

Blue Ridge has made, and will continue to make, great things happen for equines and their owners and I believe that is the goal of all veterinary clinics  and hospitals. What sets Blue Ridge apart is the feeling that when you take your horse there, everyone you come in contact with responds to you and your horse as if they have a vested interest in the outcome and let me tell you, that feeling matters and it matters a lot. Thanks again for everything.

I just wanted to thank you again and give you a report on Mia (Genovia) who Dr. Trostle did an annular ligament surgery on back in October. She is doing fabulous and clean swept her division this past weekend at our first show back! You guys are the best!!