Dr. Tracy Norman Available For Appointments At The Clinic

Dr. Tracy Norman, VMD, ACVIM will be available for appointments at the clinic and for farm calls in the Charlottesville area beginning September 30. Dr. Norman will continue to be based in our Valley Division, but will be working at our clinic in Earlysville on Wednesdays and on an as needed basis to serve our clients in central Virginia.

Dr. Norman is a boarded Internal Medicine Specialist, in addition to having her doctorate in veterinary medicine. She has dedicated a large part of her career to excellence in diagnostic ultrasound and has been invited by state, regional, and national organizations to teach ultrasound to veterinarians on many occasions.

A boarded Internal Medicine Specialist is a veterinarian who specializes in conditions that affect the general health and well- being of her/his patients, including conditions affecting the GI tract, respiratory system, blood and lymphatics, liver, muscles, kidneys and bladder, neurologic system, infectious diseases, and care of neonates (newborn foals). Specialty training in Internal Medicine emphasizes critical thinking, excellent history taking and physical examination skills, and a problem based approach to reaching a diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Board certification in Internal Medicine requires several years of training with specialists, passing multiple examinations, completing research, and publishing at least one peer-reviewed article. Equine Internal Medicine specialists are employed in many diverse fields, including critical care medicine, cardiology, pulmonology, neurology, sports medicine, neonatology, general practice, industry, and academia, to name a few.

As always, let us know how we may best serve as a resource for your equine care needs.