Dr. Julia Hecking

The Valley Division is offering half-priced farm calls in certain areas (see our schedule) for routine care (vaccines, Coggins, labwork, dental checks and floats, and sheath cleanings) paid for at the time of service. Because our practice area is so large, it helps us to schedule clients who are close geographically on the same day. Limiting our driving enables us to pass the savings along to you with reduced farm calls.

Dr. Tracy Norman

Once the discount day in a particular area is full, we will schedule times geographically and let you know our estimated time of arrival the day before, if not sooner.

If your area is not listed, it is because we don’t have many clients in that location. If you’d like to schedule a special day with several horse owners in your area, we will be glad to offer a discounted farm call rate to you.

Dr. Tabby Moore

Please feel free to let us know how we may best serve as your equine health care partner.